Exploring visual interfaces for Search

Searchcrytalresults for Wilbert Baan
Thursday I wrote about Oskope and how a visual interface could contribute in wandering through data with a strong visual identity. In other words; how you could sell books and DVD’s on the web.

In a reply to the article Anselm Spoerri of send me an e-mail to tell me about a visual interface he is working on called Searchcrystal.

Searchcrystal (currently in beta) is a flash based website that organizes results from several search engines on a visual grid. Using space and size for representation of the results.

You can drag, click, compare and mash-up the results. You can even embed a result widget in your website. What I like about the website is the possibility to compare results from different sources visually. It gives you a good idea how different search engines work and what they see as more or less important.