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the mpwie quiz on eclectro

The recently launched website we made for giving away free tickets, ain’t dry yet and whoops there’s another website about music.

This time it is a groupblog called Eclectro. If the name rings a bell you probably know it from last year. We used the domain for organizing a contest to vote the best dance record of 2006. With 73.209 votes this was an enormous and unexpected succes.

Inge is the evil genius behind Eclectro. He build the website and is motivating a group of bloggers to post everything that has anything to do with electronic music on Eclectro. The website is in Dutch, but you know what they say. Music unites :) And music is what this is all about. I’m sure you know how to find some great mixes without reading a word.

Tonight we had a few beers and launched a quiz called mpwho/mpwie. You have to guess the song that is playing, out of a 10 second loop. I’m not sure if this is too difficult, let me know.