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Eclectro website redesigned

The new Eclectro website

Yesterday we launched a new design for the Eclectro blog. Eclectro is a Dutch blog about electronic music made by volunteers. It started this year with a default WordPress template. Over the last months the blog grew in visits and different types of content. The diversity of content makes it interesting, but it also shifted ‘exclusive’ articles too fast from the frontpage.

We redesigned the blog into a magazine style website where we have featured content, new content and special content. The result: more articles on the homepage and a better visual identification of the importance of different items.

Next week Eclectro will start the election for best dance track of 2007. We’ve got over 300 suggestions for records and made a shortlists of 100.

With this new design Eclectro is ready for phase two. We’re growing up fast, have a great community and unlimited ideas.

Both redesigns took all my attention and time over the last weeks. Hypernarrative will probably be updated again around Christmas, after my holiday

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