Architecture Interactive Video Usability

Dutch industries

I love Europort, the industrial part of the Netherlands near Rotterdam. There is a small kitesurfing beach in Oostvoorne and to get there you have to drive through Europort with its chemical plants.

For a long time I didn’t know why I was so attracted to these industrialized areas. I even had a job interview at Shell once (the grey/brown office at 02:03 in the video). I thought I would really like the job, now I don’t think I would have liked the job, I would have liked the view.

The aesthetics of functional design peak in and around a chemical factory. All the tubes, lights, steel structures and storage spaces. Everything is designed with a function, you don’t design things because they look nice, it just happens to look like this because it needs to.

I think the methods of research used in the design of structures could very well be applied when designing interactive applications (read something of OMA/AMO). It is based on designing functionality for people and products. When this is good aesthetics will follow.