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De Volkskrant

Over the past decade the news industry is in a major transition. It has to reïnvent the business model and distribution model. At the same time, we consume more news then ever before. It’s a growth market that has to reinvent itself. This is what really attracted me to the media industry. De Volkskrant is a leading Dutch newspaper.

At the Volkskant I worked as Senior Interaction Designer and Product Owner for 5 years on a range of projects focussed on web, mobile and innovation. I did two redesigns of the major News website I build the first video player and worked on video distribution to mobile and smart TV’s. I worked on satellite websites around travel and opinion. I explored new distribution models of news resulting in the first API. I worked on mobile and widgets.


Design Research, Product Design, Product Owner, Interaction Design, Visual Design


2005 – 2010



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