Reversed design

In March I updated the design of this blog because I wanted it to be more a portfolio website. It didn’t work out that well. The black background was difficult to read (thanks for all the comments and ideas). And this blog is a blog, changing it into a portfolio makes it less a blog and more serious. Bad idea. I like the simplicity of a blog, I’ll just figure out something else for a portfolio.

old new design

It didn’t work out so I’m switching back to white and simple and will focus more on posting great things ;)


Spring cleaning, hypernarrative gets updated

Last weekend I updated to the most recent version of WordPress. I haven’t been writing very frequently in the last months. I don’t know why, it just happened.

While updating the back-end of the site, I also decided to give the front-end a makeover. A more magazine style interface that also promotes some projects and things I do. Hypernarrative is not just a blog, it’s also a personal timeline.

The color black gives it a magazine/portfolio style interface. I haven’t figured out if black is optimal for reading.

Technical details
I use a five column design based on a 960 pixel width. The website has a Flash header, I’m not sure yet what to do with this, but I like something interactive. The site looks best on a Mac because they have the Helvetica and Rockwell fonts installed. If you have Windows you will see a combination of Courier and Arial, which is pretty nice as well.

I tried sIFR for font replacement, but didn’t like the loading speed of this.

The header picture was taken in the room of a bed and breakfast in France.

If you are a reader of the full article feed, or if you read this blog somewhere syndicated, nothing changed.

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How distributes your favorite MP3s, to you, for free Recommendation Podcasts
Recently the website had a redesign. With video and images more prominent presented they made the website look more visual appealing to first time visitors. More focus on music and a little less focus on people.

Personalized Podcast
I’m not sure if the personalized podcast page was already available on the website before the redesign. I have never seen it before. What is great about this option is that you can subscribe to a stream of free MP3s that will be automatically delivered to your computer through the podcast-distribution-model (xml with enclosures).

A Long Tail with free things and high quality service delivers you the music you might like based on your personal profile, and it delivers the files for free. The music delivered might be from your favorite artists or from artists you have never heard of. This is how you are able to get to know new music that is very likely to be interesting to you.

For artists the group their music is send to is a smaller group, but this group is more likely to like or love the music, and thus distributing free content this way is more cost effective.

For me this podcast is an example how you can add more value to the content through smart distribution. You discover something new, and there is less noise in discovering it.

Mujuice, electronic music from Russia
In my recommended downloads there are a few tracks by Mujuice. I don’t know Mujuice, but if I like the tracks (I probably do, since it is a recommendation) I might search for more, buy MP3s or visit their next, or first performance in the Netherlands.

For the band there probably isn’t any direct business or value, there is only the start of something new by giving something away for free, a new connection or customer relation. And as you might know, all you need are a thousand true fans.

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Why my blog posts are getting longer

In this video Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen talk about Jaiku and life streams with Robert Scoble. Jyri is very good in explaining everything that is good about life streaming. (video via @Bakkel)

Since I started using Twitter I noticed I spend less time reading feeds and make longer blog postings. I’m not sure why I’m reading less feeds. I think the most interesting things come up in Twitter anyway. Or maybe Twitter takes up rss time?

I think I like the changed setup for this blog, less link dumping and more thinking, or at least more questions.

Will life streaming (and social bookmarking) in general will influence the popularity of link-dump-blogs?

Guest articles
If you would like to write a guest article on hypernarrative let me know.

I would love to host your thoughts on things or questions about new web services, media and technologies. How new technology influences the things we are used to do or how we will use applications in the future. Please let me know.

There are no rules other than that the text contains at least a relevant hyperlink, audio, photo or video (it is the internet after all) and more important it has to make you think or confuse for a little while.

Email me what you would like to do to, I’m looking forward to it.

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A new project: voornopnaarpop, because the best things are free

Screenshot voornopnaarpop website

You might have seen the banner on the top left of this website. We are building a new website., meaning “visit pop for nothing“. The website will be in Dutch (sorry for the 92% of hypernarrative visitors who are not Dutch).

The website its focus is on exchanging free tickets and exposure. For organizers this is a platform to promote a party or festival. For visitors this is a place where you can get free tickets for your favorite dj’s and bands.

Everything is beta
This weekend the first version of the website (a draft) appeared online. We will continuously update it and meanwhile start looking for partners and promoters. The website will probably change during the next weeks.

We want to make the data easy accessible for searching and linking. You can stay up to date via RSS, Twitter or any other gadget we can make or think of.

I you have a good idea, great skills or just a great motivation join the club (even if you’re not Dutch).

If you want to promote a gig or event use the form.


The RSS feeds I use

I’m addicted to RSS feeds to find something or just read the web. I use Newsfire and so called smart folders, the folders search all your feeds on selected keywords and group the latest stories containing one of these words. For example “storytelling” is one of the words I search on.

Below is my OPML file, this file contains the feeds I’m subscribed to. Most feedreaders are able to import OPML files. Feel free to suggest a feed and have fun with the OPML of my selection. Share your OPML.

You can download my OPML file here

Newsfire RSS for Mac

Service 3.6

I played a bit with the stylesheet. The website switched to 900px width and is centered, the different columns changed in size.

I still have to do some work on the right and left column, this will be done in the next days.

Welcome to version 3.6

Hypernarrative version 3.5
version 3.5

Hypernarrative version 3.6
version 3.6