Simple Product Metrics

Sales and Satisfaction

When working on a digital strategy it often becomes very complicated, very fast.

I like to use two simple metrics when building a product strategy.

Clear goals. Measurable in conversion, sales or whatever metric you like to use. Very tangible and easy to track. Short term.

How do people value the experience they have. Do they like it, is it a reason to return. Measurable based on how people rate a certain product or experience or how often they return. Often less tangible, a bit more difficult to track. Long term.

Sales and Satisfaction
Sales and Satisfaction

As a designer you need to be able to merge both.

Long term thinking, building a relation while not forgetting what keeps the boat afloat.

on Chat bots

Chat bots are the new UI. Or at least there is a lot of interest in adding bots to chat apps to deliver services.

On May 19th we’re organising a special Behavior Design meetup regarding this subject. How can a conversational interfaces or bots influence the behavior of the person it’s talking to.

Martine van der Lee from KLM will talk about how they use Facebook Messenger to help clients check-in. Willem-Paul Brinkman from the TUDelft knows everything about conversation strategies and Niels ‘t Hooft a writer, writing for games will share his experience.

In preparation of this meetup I’ve been reading a lot regarding conversational UI’s. Here are some of the stories I think are worth reading or listening to.

What I learned from it.

  • Young people grow up with conversational interfaces. It’s part of what the internet is to them. Figuring out how to serve them in these interfaces is necessary to connect with them.
  • The app store is a terrible place to be in. It’s difficult to be discovered. Adding your services to existing apps sort of creates a meta app store that makes it easier to reach people
  • Chat bots are most often just (html) apps within a conversation. It’s not always about conversational UI, it’s about showing your service or link when someone needs it.

I think it’s a fascinating topic.

If you like it make sure to join our meetup. It’s currently sold out, although there is a small waiting list. Usually some spots open up close to the event.

Check out this story by Esther Crawford building her own bot and writing about the experiences