3 video’s taken at the Rewire festival in The Hague

For this year’s Rewire festival report Eclectro tried something new by making a report containing only 21 seconds video’s.

My contribution

Nils Petter Molvaer & Moritz von Oswald

Food & Fennesz

Villalobos & Loderbauer present Re-ECM live

“REWIRE is an annual festival for contemporary music and related visual arts. The festival showcases relevant developments in the fields mentioned through an extensive music programme, a long run exhibition, screenings, performances and an education programme. The third edition will take place on November 8 and 9 2013 in The Hague city centre. The exhibition will run from November 8 until December 14th.

This year the REWIRE Festival music programme centres on several cornerstones: Nordic Jazz, Indie Classical, Chamber Pop, the Collaborative Programme and Post-punk/minimal wave. It also highlights a number of interesting electronic producers who are developing as against-the-grain vocalists. The night programme focuses on leading, innovatory electronic dance music producers. On Saturday the renowned R&S Record label celebrates its 30th birthday during the ‘R&S Records x REWIRE dance night’. The programme will showcase a few of R&S’ current artists, including Lone, Space Dimension Controller, dBridge and Cloud Boat.”

Making pics

The great thing about kids is that there is always a reason to take a picture. Thinking about making a series

Eclectro Live at the TodaysArt festival

Before the Picnic conference was finished we left for The Hague where the music blog Eclectro & TodaysArt will cover the TodaysArt festival online. A two day festival about art, performance and music (live stream).

On of the things from yesterday that I really love is a projection at het Spui. The projection is made in perfect perspective and project shadows on a white building. It completely distorts your idea of reality. You know it’s an illusion, but it doesn’t look like one. I can’t get enough of this.

TodaysArt festival 2008

TodaysArt festival 2008

TodaysArt festival 2008

I don’t know who the artist is who made this, but will ask around tonight and write his or her name in the comments.

Getting back in touch with the web after a very long holiday

Entering the Washing Machine
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Thunder in Spain
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Carcans Plage
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No updates for a month, although I’m not a really consistent blogger, a month must be a new record. I was on a holiday. Driving, surfing, camping, diving, sleeping, eating, drinking and a lot of reading.

Not a lot of internet and blogs, only some e-mail contact with friends and family using the wifi on my mobile phone. Wifi and laptops are getting more common on campsites. Too bad roaming prices for data are still ridiculous.

Bébel ophalen
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On our way back we picked up a friend. Her parents started a new adventure a couple of years ago. They moved to France to start a bed and breakfast in the wonderful chateau La Villaine (picture above) in the Loire valley. We stayed there for one night and it was great. Her parents are really nice people and make you feel very comfortable. Her mothers cooking alone is worth visiting it.

The web at its best; enabling small business and niche communities
It is great to see how the web changes markets. For ‘the Bed & Breakfast industry’, and more businesses ratings and reviews are the things that create business. Often getting more important than the website of the destination itself.

The chateau advertises using Google Adwords aiming at people who are looking to stay in a chateau in the Loire Valley. Although the prices of Google Ads are rising, for a small and very focussed business it is still the most comparative way of advertising compared to booking with agencies.

Community ratings and reviews are very important. People are looking for the best place to stay and are searching the web for information about it. La Villaine has a great rating on sites like Tripadvisor. And for a reason, guests really enjoyed it.

The vegetarian meme
Bébel ophalen
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On one of the community websites two guests wrote about how the vegetarian dinner at the chateau was the best they ever had. The hosts didn’t know about the review and suddenly a lot of guests turning up told them they are vegetarian. They didn’t understand why suddenly so many guests had become vegetarian, until they told them about the positive online review.

This is what I really like about the web. How it connects people and enables them to exchange experiences and create better real life experiences and sustainable business relations based on quality.

Just an idea
iPhone camera software
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During the holiday I use my Canon EOS a lot for photographing. I can’t share the pictures until I’m back home, because I need a computer for it.

It would be nice if I could use an USB-cable that connects the camera to my iPhone and uses software on the iPhone that turns the iPhone (wifi/gprs/3g) into an upload-dongle to publish the photos on the web (Flickr).

This can’t be that hard to make I guess, since Apple already has a connector to upload photos from your camera to your iPod.

It would also be great software for professional photographers at concerts, sports games and events, because it connects every type of professional camera directly to the web everywhere in the world. Without any hassles.

Any readers with great iPhone-SDK-skills ;)? I think software like this would be worth at least $25,- and can be easily sold through the Apple Appstore. I think there is a serious market for it.

Raquel Diniz graduation Expo

The Portrait of Barbie by Raquel Diniz
The Portrait of Barbie by Raquel Diniz

I met Raquel Diniz through a hypernarrative project I did two years ago called slowshutter. The idea was to present a great picture every day and to present it nice.

The project did not continue fluidly (I probably should have been a more active photographer), but through the website I met some nice people and great photographers. One of the photographers on the website is Raquel Diniz. Recently she did a MA image and communication and is having a graduation exposition in London. Below parts from her graduation work.

The portrait of Barbie

‘Barbie is a character who has been photographed in scenarios of personal significance to the photographer. The locations to which she travels vary from interesting places in London to tourist scenarios abroad. Once she is in the place the photographer registers the doll representing different meanings.’

Things I would like to see forever

‘Things I would like to see forever’ is a project where I am registering the routine of three girls living in London. … The base for the project is the use of still photographs transformed into movie images.

10-13 July 2008
11am-6pm daily
Private view 10th from 6 to 8:30pm

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH
Admission FREE
Nearest train/tube: Blackfriars, Southwark, Waterloo
Information: www.icshow.co.uk

Back from the snow

And again, that's me
Frozen (on Flickr)

Last week I went snowboarding in the popular Val Thorens, France (2300/3300m) and took my camera.

Nice peak
This rock holds a glacier (on Flickr)

The Street
During the week I photographed the street several times from our apartment on the 6th floor. I don’t know why, I just liked the top shot and how it changes every day.
The street in Val Thorens, France 1/7

The street in Val Thorens, France 2/7

The street in Val Thorens, France 3/7

The street in Val Thorens, France 4/7

The street in Val Thorens, France 8/7

The street in Val Thorens, France 5/7

The street in Val Thorens, France 6/7

The street in Val Thorens, France 7/7
The set on Flickr

The valley
And I took one of the valley (on Flickr)

Great clouds
And the clouds (on Flickr)

That's me
This is me and my EOS (on Flickr)

That's the map
And this is the map (on Flickr)

That's my board
The last day I made and off piste jump and broke my board :(

A great Flickr mash-up by Erik Borra
While I was playing with snow Erik Borra was inspired by my second Flickr experiment and made a great piece of code mashing up Flickr and Google News into a wonderful combination.

Anne Helmond was inspired by both projects and asks MTV to be MADE into a killer PHP programmer.

Storytelling with the Flickr API

Flickr API test tag art

Today I experimented with the Flicrk API. An API is an external programmable interface that connects to a database, it allows external developers to access the content in the database. In this case I can access the photos on Flickr by using a free license (API-key).

2.269.526.982 photos
Everyday millions of photos are uploaded to Flickr. While writing this post 4.871 pictures are uploaded every minute and the total of photos uploaded to Flickr is 2.269.526.982. Most of these photos are tagged with meta information, like a title, description, user generated tags and device generated (shutter speed, type of camera, coordinates). That’s a lot of information.

Slideshow experiment
For this first experiment I use thirteen slides to tell something general about myself. Every slide loads the most recent images from the Flickr database based on a tag that corresponds to the slide.

The slideshow plays by itself and has no interaction, it’s linear, but not static. Every time you play the slideshow the content can be different, the story won’t.


How would you combine live data feeds with storytelling?

Flickr API test tag music