BBC Monitor Me documentary about Quantified Self

If you’re interested in health and technology you will enjoy it. Just made me think again how much we need really good dashboard designers and data visualizers to make information out of all this data we’re collecting.

We’re only just beginning.
BBC Monitor Me documentary about Quantified Self

“…They’ve [those simple devices] managed to help people to change their behavior in ways that were otherwise impossible before…”

From Youtube:

Dr Kevin Fong explores a medical revolution that promises to help us live longer, healthier lives. Inspired by the boom in health-related apps and gadgets, it’s all about novel ways we can monitor ourselves around the clock. How we exercise, how we sleep, even how we sit.

Some doctors are now prescribing apps the way they once prescribed pills. Kevin meets the pioneers of this revolution. From the England Rugby 7s team, whose coach knows more about his players’ health than a doctor would, to the most monitored man in the world who diagnosed a life threatening disease from his own data, without going to the doctor.