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Analyzed what Twitter votes (graphic)

Based on Twitterpoll by Erik Borra I made this visualization. The animation is created form filtering tweets on content. If someone says he or she voted for Obama or McCain this information is stored and turned into numbers. This creates an election poll based on tweets.

You can say Twitter is pretty much in favor of Obama. To update the results refresh the page.

A point goes to Obama if the regular expression /vote.*?obama/i succeeds, it goes to McCain if the regular expression /vote.*mccain/i succeeds, else it is undecided / unrecognized.

The animations that led to this animation

15 replies on “Analyzed what Twitter votes (graphic)”

Since this seems more like an exit poll than a prediction, ‘still undecided’ should perhaps be something more like ‘unknown/other’?

Great work Erik and Wilbert!

@michael you’re right. Thanks for your comment. Unrecognized (undecided) is the group where it’s not clear what they voted, because it is al based on indexing text.

This afternoon I have access to the file and will change it.

Very interesting survey. I am writing from Spain Europe and have a question:

What happens i someone twitts something like I will not vote for that *—* of mccain”? Or viceversa.


Spot on Wilbert. Because we query ‘i voted’ AND (obama OR mccain) we can get away with a looser regular expression. It is not always right, but the amount of false positives is really low.

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