All you can eat spam

This blog is one week further with just a few messages open for comments. In this week the Akismet plugin canned a lot of spam.

“Akismet has caught 1,941 spam for you since you first installed it.”

How much spam comments are send around the web on a daily base? And how much traffic is generated by this?

The problem with spam is that the only way to do something serious about it (legally) is to regulate. And the great thing about the internet is that it is pretty much unregulated.

For now I prefer to stick to a technical solution like Akismet instead of regulating. Eventually spam could be the legal backdoor of the web for rules and laws to come in.

2 replies on “All you can eat spam”

WordPress Trackback Spam!!!
I have installed plugins that prevent comment spams, but this won’t prevent trackback to be blocked. I’ve been spam by many
MFA websites that most probably is from the same network with trackback, but they are not linking me on their website. May I
know how do they do it and how do I stop it? Without disabling trackback?
Thanks, and I’m using WordPress.

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