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A second day with Joost (almost)

Today I tried Joost. First on a computer with Windows XP. The Joost interface worked fine, what didn’t was the video.

The network at my work blocks all ports that have anything to do with file sharing or communication (I’m so glad IT/Network-guys are not into politics, we would end up in a totalitarian regime).

Anyway tonight I tried it again on Bert’s intel powered iMac. Too bad. Just tonight something went wrong with the version control system of Joost on Mac. I’m sure the have it up and running again tomorrow.

What I could play with this afternoon was the interface without video. What is exciting about it is the way it is build. The interface seems perfectly suited for a remote control. In the mainscreen you navigate using left, up, right. Every new television/dvd/hd remote has joystick-like options. All you need is a box that connects Joost to your tv or a Joost compatible television with a harddrive.

I can’t wait to try it with video.

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Hey Wilbert

Thanks for posting your experience with Joost. I can’t wait to try this thing out — I think it’s the most revolutionary thing to come out on the internet since the iTunes store.

The march towards “Over the Top” progrmming is getting faster and faster.

– Jennifer

Thanks for the comment and link.

A few days ago I posted a link to an Apple promo video on how the Washington Post works. They have a very clear goal. We make news (video) and distribute it through any channel available.

I think National Geographic is also doing a great job. NGC’s content is in Joost, Brightcove, etc. As a company you can’t really wait any longer for a new standard. You need to be everywhere. The (expensive) long tail of channels.

It is not really a competition for the device anymore, but a competition to be the channel. I think Joost is where Google Video and YouTube should already have been experimenting.

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