A plug-in that replaces ads with art

A photo by Joe Fornabaio from the New York Times website

The New York Times writes about AddArt, a Firefox plugin that replaces banners with art.

What a great idea, the ad-block plug-ins are extremely popular. I’m not an ad-blocker myself and I’m not sure why people block ads? To fight the corporate world, Adbuster style? Or just to block the different intrusive information on a webpage? I guess the last one. Art instead of ads can also be intrusive, although this could be a reason for me to install an ad-blocker/art-replacer.

I wonder how this would work in print? I would love a newspaper with art by young artist instead of advertisements. The question is, how much would you pay extra for a newspaper like this?

I once read in a book about information design that in WWII the American soldiers where supplied with ad-less newspapers from home. The reason was simple. Local ads are irrelevant if you are stuck in a forest in France. The soldiers complained about the ad-less newspapers, because the positive ads balanced the news, even when irrelevant.

Download the AddArt plug-in here.

The photo above is linked from the New York Times website and is taken by Joe Fornabaio. His photos are great, make sure to check his portfolio.

Via: Marco Raaphorst

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I am an ad-blocker user. The most important things is for me to make web page open faster and make things easy to be found. Art instead of ads will be a good idea except speed.

@Shifte, check my OPML file. In this file all the feeds I’m subscribed to are collected. I need to update the file, but it’s a start.

@Ad Blocker, speed, how could I forget. Ads can really slow down your website, thanks for the comment.

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