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A new project: voornopnaarpop, because the best things are free

Screenshot voornopnaarpop website

You might have seen the banner on the top left of this website. We are building a new website., meaning “visit pop for nothing“. The website will be in Dutch (sorry for the 92% of hypernarrative visitors who are not Dutch).

The website its focus is on exchanging free tickets and exposure. For organizers this is a platform to promote a party or festival. For visitors this is a place where you can get free tickets for your favorite dj’s and bands.

Everything is beta
This weekend the first version of the website (a draft) appeared online. We will continuously update it and meanwhile start looking for partners and promoters. The website will probably change during the next weeks.

We want to make the data easy accessible for searching and linking. You can stay up to date via RSS, Twitter or any other gadget we can make or think of.

I you have a good idea, great skills or just a great motivation join the club (even if you’re not Dutch).

If you want to promote a gig or event use the form.

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