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A day of Diggs

If you like information visualizations this visualization of a day of Diggs is very nice, you can get some information on how Digg moves. I’m posting this link because we have build sort of a Digg-like application.

This Saturday we launched the Ruimtelijke Agenda (the spatial agenda, Dutch), a project about all problems we have in the Netherlands when living, working and recreating in a small country below sea level. I think you can say: what to do when urban planning becomes a national issue?

Ruimtelijke Agenda

Because the project has so many different perspectives we have created a Digg like function to create the agenda, the voting system is used to organize the topics on relevancy, making it more likely to find interesting topics at the top. After three weeks a panel, committee and board of advice will select the seven key topics for phase two of the project. For seven weeks each week a topic will be the topic for a debate off- and online.