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A Brief Message

September 11th A Brief Message
A Brief Message is a recently launched website by Khoi Vinh and Liz Danzico. They want to bring the customized design – known from magazines – back to the web.

I think custom design left when content management systems got everywhere. We focus only on content and how newsworthy something is that we don’t take the time, money and effort to think about a custom design. We just want to hit ‘publish’ or be able to change things easily, even if we don’t have to.

We look at multimedia efforts, how can we add more media to tell the story? Should we record audio, video? Make more photos? Yes we should, if it adds value to the story. But we shouldn’t let the programmable context (read template) dictate the message. A message benefits from a strong design.

Some articles deserve good design or a nice illustration. Not just an image with an outline in a box. And for this September 11th article they really did it. It looks great, and the article is great too.

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