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2007, the year interactive storytelling finally takes off

Recently I see a lot of (short) interactive storytelling showing up on the web. Increasing bandwith and Flash video are making it possible to create large or full screen presentations without all those annoying download and progressbars in between.

We are spending more time behind computers and start to get used at watching video on our computers (meaning to sit and relax instead of clicking like crazy). The internet was all about, podcasting, wiki, sharing, friends, user generated content, video, viral and reality in 2005/2006. I think this year we will finally start to see really good, exciting, professionally produced immersive interactive stories.

The computer is not just video, it plays video. I think the combination of video and interactivity will really take off this year. So I decided to add new catagory to this blog called “interactive storytelling“.

Classics (movies):


Do you know more interactive stories? Please tell me :)

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