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I just paid 0.00662 Bitcoins for a cup of coffee. Are Bitcoins the future of money?

This week I paid my first coffee with Bitcoins at the Border Sessions festival using a BitMyMoney counter.

I’m not sure if Bitcoins are “the future of money”, I’m pretty sure they aren’t the only future and that there is a need for digital money with the freedom that we know from coins and paper money.

Bitcoin is a system that can perfectly co-exist with current systems out there. Although it can use some user experience enhancements. It is still quite difficult to understand and you pay with long strings you can’t understand, complex applications and QR-codes. Bitcoins could use a bit of Square Register to make it really work.

Empathie als design-tool

Inlevingsvermogen is wat mij betreft één van de allerbelangrijkste eigenschappen bij het ontwerpen van interactie. Dit is nog meer van toepassing naarmate steeds meer digitale interactie mobiel is.

Cleveland Clinic
Dat de context van één plek voor iedereen anders kan zijn en dus effect heeft op de gebeurtenissen laat deze video van de Cleveland Clinic treffend zien.

Via Tim Brown