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Joi Ito’s 9 principles

Joi Ito 9 Principles

Love this model (Joi Ito’s MIT Media Lab 9 principles) since I first learned about it from Bruce Sterling at SXSW.

Still thinking about it a lot as a guide for working and living in a network-driven society.

Resiliency, Risk, and a Good Compass: Tools for the Coming Chaos (Wired)

The merging principles of designing software and hardware

Joi Ito is being interviewed and talks about how methods for creating hardware and software are merging. We’re entering a prototyping era, where we can prototype just about anything.

Understanding manufacturing is going to be key to design, just like understanding the Internet has become key to running a company.

The interview is promotion for the Solid Conference. It pushes you to think again about the future of designing products.

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